N-Virodredge™ USA

Commercial Benefits

Fishermen are seeing a large increase in profits when using the N-Virodredge™ due to fuel savings, increased catches, less and cheaper maintenance, increased meat yield and overall reduced work load on crew and boat. 

There are markedly cleaner catches on table or deck - almost pure shell stock with minimal rocks and other debris due to the ‘selective’ nature of the operation of the tines. Consequently there is much less crew time sorting the catch on deck, less weight on winches, blocks and decks - and cost savings to boat maintenance. Deck crews love the labor savings - fewer rocks, less debris, less work, more scallops - more pay! 

The spring-tine fishing method also allows fishermen to dredge scallops on rockier bottoms that might typically be avoided due to stress on gear and catches full of stones. This gives other scallop grounds a break from towing efforts and allows those areas to re-build/re-grow. 

Fewer rocks in a bag means fewer caught scallops with cracked and damaged shells (hard to shuck). Sometimes these scallops are pitched overboard by the crew as they are a pain to process. 


Unlike other dredges, the tines on the N-Virodredge™ are adjustable for different seabed types. By simply lowering or raising the tines, optimum settings can be found for fishing on a clean, sandy seabed or hard, rocky bottom...always avoiding catching rocks.

Overall drag weight when full is a fraction of the weight of a typical drag due to the minimal number of rocks that get caught in the belly/bag.  This makes life easier for the crew, boat and equipment.

Because the dredge is light it is easily handled and complete spare dredges can be carried aboard the scallop vessels for ease of replacement when switching between fishing methods/species, or for replacement of damaged dredges.

At the factory, all N-Virodredge™ parts are made on jigs and so are identical for ease of adjustment and or replacement of worn parts. A full stock of spares is are always available at our store.

The N-Virodredge™ is completely scaleable and modular – it can be used individually or in gangs mounted on towing bars. Gangs of two, three or more can be used to legally replace from 5’ up to 15’ single dredges...the largest European scallopers tow twin bars with up to 18 dredges on each. It's quick and simple to mount, replace or repair parts.