N-Virodredge™ USA

Environmental Benefits



The N-Virodredge™ is designed to lift/flip scallops gently from the seabed into the bag by means of individually sprung tines. The dredge travels along on two 2” skids with a number of tines mounted between them. This allows the tines to gently ‘tickle’ the scallops off the seabed. The tines move in all directions and so are easily diverted around obstructions as opposed to plowing through them.

The N-Virodredge™ is very light and small and so follows seabed contours 'gently' rather than bulldozing along the bottom. This also increases the catch rate of the dredge as it does not pass over any scallops lying in depressions on the seabed. 

The lightweight footprint protects juvenile scallops, sea urchins and baby lobsters from crushing damage so typical of other dredges/drags. 

The carbon footprint of the N-Virodredge™ is massively improved due to the 25% reduction in fuel used in towing it compared to other dredges. This saving is due to the skids, easily movable  tines and its light weight.