N-Virodredge™ USA


The N-Virodredge™ was invented in 2013 by Richard Gidney,  former scallop fisherman and now owner and Managing Director of Deeside Marine Ltd. based in the small Scottish port of Kirkcudbright, the busiest scallop port in Scotland. Deeside Marine is the largest scallop gear manufacturer in Europe with sales throughout the region.

The concept of the dredge was arrived at in response to rising fuel and steel costs and pressure from environmental groups in Europe. It was a long held idea of Richard's and these pressures forced the development of the design. 

Initial trials of a first prototype proved the dredge’s potential and full development was then commenced. After 18 months, a fully working dredge was put onto the market. Most of this time was spent developing the spring tines and ensuring they were robust enough to cope with the harsh conditions of the seabed.

The dredge was quickly adopted by many fishermen and is now being used throughout Europe and on all types of seabed including the extremely harsh, rugged rock shelf seabed of the west coast of Scotland; the clean, sandy seabed of the French coast; the dirty, muddy bottom off the Irish coast and the rock strewn bottom around the Isle of Man.

Early in 2016, Tim and Amy Sheehan of Gulf of Maine, Inc. spotted the N-Virodredge™ on the web and after much discussion with Deeside Marine, financed a joint project to trial the N-Virodredge™ in Cobscook Bay, Maine. Four dredges were delivered to Gulf of Maine in March 2016 and Richard flew over to help with the trials. The results of the trials were astonishingly successful, so much so that a deal was immediately made to supply Gulf of Maine, Inc. with a full stock of dredges, accessories and spares. Sales are now underway throughout USA and Canada.