N-Virodredge™ USA

What is N-Virodredge™?

The N-Virodredge™ is a completely new concept in the harvesting of scallops which utilizes individually sprung teeth as opposed to solid teeth or a digging bar, to lift scallops off the seabed.
The N-Virodredge™ runs along the seabed on two skids of 2” width which bear the full weight of the dredge. Mounted between the skids are individually sprung tines which can move in all directions, going around rocks and other obstructions to avoid moving or catching them and so minimizing seabed disturbance. The tines are vertically adjustable for depth of seabed penetration below the level of the skids, keeping penetration to an optimum/minimum depth at all times, increasing the catching efficiency of the dredge and, again, minimizing seabed disturbance.

The N-Virodredge™ is 2’6” wide; this relatively small size reduces the weight of the dredge, which helps to lessen seabed impact and allows the dredge to follow the seabed contours much better than larger dredges. This has the advantage of eliminating the ’plowing’ effect of dredging so that catches are maximized, as the dredge will not pass over scallops lying in depressions in the seabed.